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About this Webcam

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Town Square web camera looking South-East featuring the Town Square Park and the south-west elk antler arch. Noted for being the only Town Square within the state of Wyoming, the Jackson Hole Town Square, serves as a hub for local activity and events.

The Town Square, or otherwise known as George Washington Memorial Park, serves as the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Originating as a park in 1934, the Town Square is most known for its distinctive arches that serve as gateways to the park. These large arches are made from shed elk antlers that have been collected from the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole. Each antler arch is replaced periodically as the antlers become weathered; the first antler arch was originally built in 1953.

George Washington Memorial Park
In honor of the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth, the park was named in his honor. In cooperation with Congress, the state of Wyoming set out to establish a George Washington Park throughout as many communities as possible in order to honor the country's first president.

The Town Square serves as one of Jackson Hole's main attractions as it offers a variety of activities throughout the different seasons of the year. Year around the Town Square is bordered by a variety of local businesses not the least of which are retail shops, restaurants, and art galleries. In the summer months, the Town Square is where all of the action is. From the nightly Town Square Shootouts that are performed by the Jackson Hole Playhouse to the historic carriage rides around the park. The first farmers market held in Jackson Hole was located at the Town Square in 2000. Additionally, walking tours are offered that begin at the Town Square and encompass the historic buildings and events that have made Jackson what it is today. Winter time brings on a host of seasonal activities centered around the Town Square. The trees and archways are lit up for the holiday season with an ice rink and Santa Claus offering Christmas cheer.

The Beginnings of Jackson Hole
Originally populated by Native American Tribes, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area in the winter of 1807 and 1808. Mountain men and fur trappers frequented the area with many of the men becoming namesakes of various locations throughout the valley. Bridger, Jedediah Smith, and Sublette are all named after some of the mountain men. After a winter spent on the shores of Jackson Lake, David Edward 'Davey' Jackson became the namesake of the Jackson Hole Valley as William Sublette named the valley after his Rocky Mountain Fur Company partner.

Fun in Jackson Hole
Whether you are within the town limits or outside the Jackson Hole town limits, there is so much to see and do. With 97 percent of the land in Teton county owned by the state and federal government, only 3 percent of the land within the county is privately owned. Present day Jackson Hole is an eclectic destination offering a small town atmosphere with big city culture.

The Jackson Hole Center for the Arts is a $30 million dollar facility that hosts a wide variety of performances and shows varying from art, music, and dance year-round. With over 60 art galleries calling Jackson Hole home; the art scene in Jackson is unique. The dining experiences that Jackson Hole offers are unrivaled as you will find everything from old-fashioned cafes to high-end culinary experiences.

Originally incorporated in 1914, the town of Jackson is an authentic western town that offers unique shops and activities, from designer boutiques to western art and sculpture galleries there is something for everyone in Jackson Hole. This true western town has a lot of character and uniqueness that is realized by residents and visitors alike.

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