Mount Moran
  • Luton's Teton Cabins Wyoming
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Grand Teton

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About this Webcam

This web camera is located in the heart of the Buffalo River Valley (Moran) at Luton's Teton Cabins looking west into Grand Teton National Park featuring Mount Moran.

Situated in the northern part of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Luton's Teton Cabins are 35 miles north of town and only 30 miles south of Yellowstone National Park. Mount Moran stands alone near the north entrance of the Grand Teton National Park with the small town of Moran only a short distance away. One of America's great mountains, Mt. Moran is notably one of the most picturesque mountains in the United States.

Named after the American western frontier landscape artist Thomas Moran, Mount Moran stands at 12,605 feet. Situated in the northern section of the Teton Range the face of Mount Moran is well known for its basalt intrusion or more commonly referred to as the 'Black Dike.' Many mountaineers climb Mount Moran for its difficulty level as it has not had any trails maintained for over 20 years. While not as popular as the Grand Teton and other area peaks, Mount Moran climbs usually stretch over a couple day period.

First climbed on July 22, 1922 by three men from the Chicago Mountaineering Club, Mt. Moran offers good rock as well as steep snow and ice to contend with in some areas. Most notable for Mount Moran history was when a C-47 cargo plane crashed into it during a storm in 1950, killing all 21 people aboard. Because of the location of the crash the wreckage was never removed, and some still remains on the mountain today.

Known as one of the Teton's most challenging mountains, Mt. Moran offers more difficult standard routes and can be distinguished from the valley floor by its distinctive blunt top. The Teton's offer many mountain adventures and are widely noted as the birthplace of North American mountaineering; rock climbing opportunities exist for all skill levels and abilities.

Leigh and Jackson Lakes
Leigh and Jackson Lakes frame this rugged mountain as many hikers have to canoe across a lake in order to even begin the climbing adventure. Located southeast of Mount Moran, Leigh Lake is 2.8 miles long and 2.4 miles wide. The lake was glacially formed and sits in Leigh and Paintbrush Canyons. Jackson Lake initially began as a natural lake and was later enlarged through the construction of the Jackson Lake Dam. Primarily fed by the Snake River, Jackson Lake forms a spectacular view in front of Mt. Moran.

The Town of Moran
With a history dating back to the 1890s, Moran remains a small town that serves as a gateway to the eastern entrance of Grand Teton National Park. Hosting only a handful of buildings, including an elementary school and post office. The town of Moran is known as Wyoming's coldest continually inhabited place. Severe weather conditions take place throughout the winter time with a record low set in 1933 with a -63 degree Fahrenheit temperature recorded.

Oxbow Bend Overlook
Mount Moran reflects in the still water of Oxbow Bend on the Snake River as this spot serves a famous stop for photographers and is also where the Snake River gets very wide. Anglers, canoeists and kayakers all find recreational fun and wildlife makes this area their home. Moose, bear, mule deer, elk, bison, beavers, otters, and birds all frequent the area.

Providing the perfect backdrop northeast of Jackson Hole, Mount Moran offers beauty for sightseers and climbers alike.

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