Google AdWords and PPC Management Services

For small to medium-sized companies, Google AdWords and PPC campaigns are complex buzzwords that many companies don’t fully take advantage of. Maybe you’re a business owner or a corporate marketing manager that has tried to create your own Google AdWords campaign only to fail to see the results you’re looking for. At SeeJH, we help local businesses benefit from Google AdWords and PPC campaigns with digital marketing management services that work in conjunction with your other marketing efforts.

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords is critical in creating successful PPC and search engine ads. Without clearly understanding what prospective customers search for, it’s unlikely that you’ll pay for a campaign that delivers the optimal results you’re looking for. We’ll conduct thorough keyword research for your company, industry, and target market that utilizes concrete data to identify and test the best keywords for your paid search engine and PPC campaigns.

Ad Creation

When it comes to creating the written text and layout for your PPC ads and AdWords campaigns, the content needs to quickly convince your target customer to click on the advertisement. It should differentiate your business from its competitors with a strong value proposition with only a few words. The vast majority of failing PPC and Google AdWords campaigns fail because of poorly written and created ads that fail to convert.

Google Remarketing Ads

Properly utilizing Google remarketing ads can improve the number of return visitors to your website, likely increasing sales. When a customer makes a purchase on your company’s website or puts items in their digital shopping carts, customers demonstrate how they already know about your company’s products and have an interest in buying them. Using Google remarketing ads properly can reduce the relative cost of acquisition by increasing the value of each and every customer.

Landing Page Design

Once your ad entices a customer to click on it, the landing page the link directs to makes an impact on their likelihood to buy. You want the landing page to continue the sales process, not hinder it. For instance, if your ad makes it seem that your company offers professional, high-end services, your landing page needs to reflect that, while overcoming common client objections in an engaging way. Even if your PPC campaign works to attract click-through, an ineffective landing page can void any progress.

Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting

We provide the expert monitoring, analysis and reporting services you need to maximize your digital marketing investment in real time. If a campaign stops working, we’ll be able to identify a poor performing campaign early on in the process to tweak or stop it in time to avoid wasting money. We create custom reports based on our findings tailored to your company and its goals.

By working with a local Google AdWords and PPC management services company. We understand what works in Jackson Hole and how to help local businesses thrive. To have us help create or manage your company’s Google AdWords and PPC advertising campaigns, call (307) 713-5681 to talk with one of our team members.