Youth Career Expo 2018

April 25, 2018 @ 1:50 pm – 3:50 pm
Jackson Hole High School - Gymnasium
1910 High School Rd
Jackson, WY 83001
Jennie Swentosky

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The purpose of the Expo is to allow students, employers and volunteer agencies the opportunity to network.

This year, we would like to expand the purpose of the event to be two-fold –

1. Connecting students with employers;

2. Educating students about the world of work and volunteering – or what it means to be a contributing member of our community and a lifelong learner flexible to accommodating the changing demands of workers in the 21st century.

We plan on having tables for businesses and non-profits as well as break out session for students to learn about such topics as career planning, finding/keeping a job, growing a career, different industries and job positions, legal and ethical issues at work etc. Tables and tablecloths will be provided along with a placard with the name of your business.

Set up time is 1:30 PM and students will arrive around 1:50 PM.

Please bring with you materials that you would like to give out to the students or to advertise your business. If you have any questions please contact Jennie Swentosky or Jacqueline Stewart via email ([email protected] / [email protected]) or call us at 733-4091. We look forward to seeing you!

*We are asking for raffle donations from local businesses to be raffled off to the students who participate in the Youth Career Expo. Your donation of any size item or gift certificate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering a donation for the annual Youth Job Expo!*