Sound Bath with Rachel Holmes

February 26, 2018 @ 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
Teton Yoga Shala
3510 N Lake Creek Dr
Wilson, WY 83014
Adi Amar

Feel the sounds of the gong, chimes and crystal bowls go through your body. Healing tools for the nervous system, the vibration these instruments emit stimulate the glands so that they function at a higher level, put the mind in a meditative state and lead one into a state of homeostasis assisting the body in self-generative healing.


Please bring your yoga mat. Bolster, blanket, blocks and other props will be provided, so that you’re comfortable lying down for the sound bath.


About Rachel: Rachel studied various styles of yoga from various teachers and techniques since 2006, and began her formal training as a yoga teacher at New York City’s Sonic Yoga in 2011. For her, yoga began with a pranayam practice and later evolved to include asana.