Intro to Meditation Series

March 8, 2018 @ 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
Medicine Wheel Wellness
120 W Pearl Ave
Jackson, WY 83001
$80 for the 4 weeks. Attendance at all 4 weeks is required.
 We’ve all heard of the emotional and health benefits of developing a meditation practice, but what if you’ve never tried it? Where do you even begin? Walking into an established meditation group can feel intimidating, and often doesn’t provide instruction.
This enrollment runs from Thu Mar 8, 2018 – Thu Mar 29, 2018.
In this 4 week course, Certified Spiritual Director Amy DiSanto will present precepts and practices to get you started in creating your own meditation practice with others who are just starting out.
Week 1: Intro – Ancient Sayings and Modern Science. Learn how the science of today is confirming the ancient wisdom regarding the practice of developing the inner life. Includes short guided meditation.
Week 2: Body Scan. The body is the housing/vehicle for spirit. This week we will explore how spirit inhabits the body and learn to recognize this embodied language. We will practice doing a complete body scan. Time for discussion at the end of the session.
Week 3: Thoughts and Emotions: the “stuff” of the inner life. This session will take us further into the workings of the psyche (soul). Recognizing when we’re “caught” and learning to release will be our focus. Breath work, welcoming, walking meditation, will be discussed and practiced.
Week 4: Living an Inner LIfe in the Outer World. developing a meditation practice has profound health benefits and creates a place of inner calm from which you can engage the world. Learning concepts and techniques in a controlled setting is the necessary starting point. In this final session, we’ll discuss practical ways to bring what we’ve learned into the real world.
$80 for the 4 weeks. Attendance at all 4 weeks is required. Must have a minimum of 6 people or class will be canceled and registered students notified the morning of the first class.