CWC Beginner Social Media Circle Sessions!

March 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Central Wyoming College, Jackson Hole Location inside The Center for the Arts
265 S Cache St
Jackson, WY 83001
Nicole Budge
(307) 733.7425
Reserved for people that are 50 and older, these group sessions allow you to learn from Rose Caiazzo, a local Social Media Strategist, AND your peers at the same time.
Our first 2-hour session will be somewhat of a free-for-all… Rose will lay out all the ground rules, and the best ways to use the social platforms you’re interested in – but, be sure to make your list of questions! As a group, we may answer higher-level questions that delve into why you might have resistance to using social media… Or, why share anything when simply having a profile seems completely acceptable? (Did you know this practice is widely known as being an “online lurker?”) Why is it the younger generations can’t seem to pull themselves away from it? How will social media help me, or the business I own? Ask as many questions as you want and get them all answered! Start a discussion with other people that have been in similar situations. Learn the best ways to position yourself on social media, and how you can easily make time for being digital.

The second session is reserved for follow up discussion. What did you learn? Did you try something new? How did it go? Can you commit to doing it for a longer time period? Rose will keep you accountable, but also your sharing with the group will allow you to gain a better understanding of why grand ideas for success did or didn’t always work as planned. Sign up now for both sessions & work through all these thoughts with like-minded people AND a pro.

No judgements allowed – just excellent, thought-provoking discussions! CALL CENTRAL WYOMING COLLEGE IN JACKSON TO SIGN UP! (307) 733.7425