Weekend Holiday Cheer & Fun

A bustling community is a strong community. Jackson Hole may not be near any metro areas, but we like to show how active we are! Take this weekend for example, there’s more than enough to keep you busy, entertained, and connected…

You can check out a fantastic play of a beloved story. If that doesn’t quench your thespian craving, check out a one-act play and some short readings. The impressive chorale will be “caroling, caroling, caroling”. You can do a two-f’r by ponying up some green at the craft fair, which’ll help contribute to the area’s search-dog fund. Speaking of dogs, there’s some adorable pets that want you to help them find a loving home—you know you wanna. Oh, and besides beautiful craft wares, you can meet ’n greet with a bevy of local artists and enjoy their fine pieces that’ll be on display. And one artist in particular will have a well-attended opening!

The majestic Wort Hotel has its exciting Twelve Days of Christmas program going on, we’re sure they’ll be glad if you pop in. And don’t forget about the iconic Mangy Moose, celebrating 50 years is no small accomplishment! Cocktails anywhere can add to the festivities. As can a great deejay to amp up the energy! Oh, and back to the Mangy Moose for just a sec, you can view an adventure documentary double-feature, which includes a silent auction. Pressing onward and upward…

Join the rest of the country, as tons of folks will be tuning in for the Snocross National. Or, watch the Fat Bike Race. In any case, keeping the slopes groomed will definitely help with the massive amount of activities we all have planned this season (and you might as well feast away while helping to make that happen!).

Besides everything in town, you can always look up for a heavenly show. Go on a safari. See if you can get some fishing in. Why not? Just check out the weather.

So, don’t let anyone catch you bored, ‘cause you’ll have no excuse!!!