Must-See Destination #9.5: Top 5 Ways to See Jackson Hole…

Must-See Destination #9.5:

Top 5 Ways to See Jackson Hole…

Before reading, you might want to watch this short video first.

(By the way, before we get started, if all these links are overwhelming for you, we understand. We can’t recommend enough reaching out to Bridget at Jackson Hole Concierge, who will help you for FREE!!! to sort through it all and compile the best itinerary to suit your unique tastes… )

#5. Hot Air Balloon

We’re starting off with taking your feet off the ground! And why not? When the opportunity presents itself, might as well take the bull by the horns…or at least see them from the air.

The Wyoming Balloon Company

Watch the video!

#4. Watercraft

Boats, canoes, kayaks, rafts, jet skis, what’s your pleasure? We have rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds. The Hole may not be Venice, but at least our waters are always rated pristine. And the views more than make up for the singing pole-pushers belting “Figaro”. Although, we’re sure you could find a guide or two who’ll offer you up some song.

Whitewater Rafting & Scenic Floats

Dornans Scenic Float Trips

Acme Raft Rental

Jenny Lake Boating

Teton Expeditions Scenic Float Trips

Jackson Hole Whitewater

Solitude Float Trips

Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals


#3. Road Vehicle

Whether by car, truck, motorcycle, RV, you’ll find yourself on some of the country’s most scenic roadways. Twisting & turning, ascending & descending, you’ll cover a lot of ground and take in a heck of a lot of amazing views! You may very well come across our more wild residents too–we like to share our roads with all creatures great & small.

Around the Park RV Rentals

Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals

Jackson Hole Central Reservations

Hertz Car Rentals


#2. Bicycle

Feel the rush of the mountain wind and kick up that dirt with something that can get you across, over, and through anything short of a bog or river! Whether you like the leisurely pace or something more adrenaline-pounding, you can pedal across the open valley or under the dense forest canopy. Either way, it’ll get you moving.

Snowking Biking

JHMR Hoback Sports

JHMR Hoback Fat Tire Tours

Teton Mountain Bike Tours

The Hub Bicycles

E Bikes of Jackson Hole


#1. Foot

The good ol’-fashioned way to get from A to B. Grab your sneakers or boots or snowshoes, maybe a walking stick and backpack, some water, and off you go–simple as that. (Though follow safety precautions!) Whether for the afternoon or a few days, you’ll never run out of options. Our area’s massive amount of award-winning and globally-recognized trails can take you to the highest peaks, the densest forest patches, and up against majestic lakes and rivers. This may also be your best chance at spotting wildlife–after all, you’ll feel one with nature in all its glory and serenity.

Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions

The Hole Hiking Experience

Snowking Hiking

Exum Mountain Guide Service


Bonus: Horse (and Sleigh)

Jackson Hole is one of the last vestiges promoting the authentic Old West. Don some cowboy gear if you’d like, saddle up, and ride across the ridges and plateaus that struck awe and respect from Native Americans and frontiersmen alike. Hoofing it with horses is an experience like no other and adds a nice rhythm, to boot. And how often do you ride in a covered wagon or sleigh?

Goosewing Ranch

Spotted Horse Ranch

Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure

National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride

A Ok Corral

The Red Rock Rancher

Hidden Basin Outfitters

Horse Creek Ranch

Swift Creek Outfitters Teton Horseback Adventures

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