It’s Hip To Be Square

The heart of Jackson Hole is our Town Square, the official name of which is George Washington Memorial Park. While there’s plenty of events to be had, a number of iconic and thriving businesses can be found always lining our antler-arched square. Many times we watch visitors to town step out of their cars or off their buses, and swivel their necks around wondering what to do and where to even start. Well, pull up a chair for a spell and we’ll tell you a bit of what you’ll find.

Now, you’ll find some common places, like Starbucks and Häagen-Dazs, for example. But most of what you’ll find can only be found here in the Hole.

You’ve got the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, one of the most legendary places here. It’s a bar, restaurant, shop, and gallery all in one.

JD High Country Outfitters is another one-stop shop. You’ll find plenty to satisfy all of your outdoor gear needs—fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, guides, and more. Be sure to check out their blog too.

We also have another outfitter, Wyoming Outfitters, to dress you up Wyoming-right. They’ve got Western apparel, jewelry, home decor items, and more. You’ll be able to bring a little of the Old West home with you.

The Jackson Hole Resort Store is a gorgeous shop linked directly to one of our premier resorts, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You’ll find clothing, hats, mugs, souvenirs, and more!

It’s universally recognized that an area is thriving and well-respected when it places a special value on the arts. You’ll find Jackson Hole more than meets those high-minded standards. We’ve got plenty of galleries, including the Mountain Trails Gallery, Astoria Fine Art, and Legacy Gallery. You’ll find gorgeous fine art from artists across the country who have reflected on canvas, pedestals, and more, our town’s charming, rugged, genteel, natural feel.

Belle Cose is among the finest of businesses you’ll come across, and is so successful as to now have six locations. They focus on jewelry, homewares, and kitchenwares. Just be ready to have your eyes pop at the selections they have available.

You’ll find plenty of other establishments just in our Square, including: Shades of Jackson Hole for all your optical needs; Teton Limousine Services, for getting you from one spot to another in a timely and sleek fashion; and, Cowboy Coffee for a great brew and some lighter fare.

We haven’t listed all the storefronts here, but this’ll put your boots going in the right direction. Enjoy the Square!