Dish It Out!

 When it comes to the holidays, one way to celebrate is to head out on the town and break bread over some fantastic cuisine. Most places still have some open slots for reservations, so jump while the iron’s hot. In any case, the Jackson Hole area can go on and on boasting about what we offer everybody and anybody, and restaurants definitely fit that bill. You want it, we’ve probably got it, in abundance.

If you want high dining this high up, you can go here, here, or here. It’s hard to tell which is better, the food or the views! Now if you’re saying, “Whoa, cowboy! Let’s bring it down a notch,” that’s fine, I appreciate the candor. You can’t go wrong with this place, or this one, or this one.

Hungry yet? Thought so. By the way, don’t all these establishments have gorgeous websites? Yeah, we think so too. Grade-A Class around here.

Now, if you’re looking for some fare outside of the typical steak and potatoes, come right this way. We’ve got Alpine, Italian, Thai, Mexican (the margaritas and tequila, very nice), Lebanese,

Japanese and Indian (their curries, out of this world), more Japanese, Fr—…well, you get the idea.

I think this post should’ve come with a warning, don’t ya think? No reading on an empty stomach.

By the way, you alright? You keep licking your lips. *shrugs* Okay then.

Well, we’ve got cafes, bakeries, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, bagel shops, tapas, brewpubs, and on and on and on and on, there’s plenty on tap.

Step into a legend, chow down in a log cabin, or get slathered in some scrumptious sauce, we don’t mind. Just as long as you get a full belly and loosen that belt a notch or two, and maybe get a little skip to those boots of yours.

Hey, are you even listening anymore? I didn’t think so. *sighs and takes off hat* Go on, get out of here stuff and grab some grub.

Just do yourself a favor—save room for dessert.