Bison vs. Buffalo: The Beef

Images: Wikipedia


Bison vs. buffalo. Are there differences? You bet! What are they? Glad you asked!

Well, for starters, Brewster Higley got things wrong when he wrote “Home on the Range,” since buffalo do not in fact naturally roam in the West—or the North American continent, or the Western Hemisphere, for that matter. You’ll find water buffalo in Southeast Asia and Cape buffalo in Africa, while bison live here in North America and parts of Europe.

Besides locale, there are 3 physical features to look for:

1. Bison have a shoulder hump, while buffalo don’t. The hump gives bison their tank-like appearance and plowing abilities in large snowdrifts.
2. Bison have smaller, sharper horns, while buffalo have larger ones, as long as 6 feet!
3. Bison are bearded, while buffalo are beard-less. Gillette or Dollar Shaving Co. should jump on that, just saying.