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The Rollercoaster History of Grand Teton National Park

Image: NPS Grand Teton National Park has quite the history when it comes to its founding! You ready for this rollercoaster ride? Chapter 1: As a brief aside, we’re talking about the Rocky Mountains’ youngest range (and one of the youngest in the world!), which happens to have some of the oldest rocks you’ll find […]

10 Reasons To Visit Jackson Hole In October

.         10 Reasons to Visit JH During Our October Off-Season: Do you want to visit Jackson Hole when it’s at its quietest and most affordable? We get this question a lot! We have the answer since one of those times is coming up. October is part of the off-season dip for the […]

The Scenic Beartooth Highway in the Sky!

  Image: Yellowstone NPS The Beartooth Highway, officially named US Route 212, is recognized as a National Scenic Byway! It meanders for almost 70 miles through Montana and Wyoming, starting in Red Lodge, Montana, and stopping at #Yellowstone’s Northeast Entrance. Arguably the best spot along the route is Beartooth Pass in our great state at nearly […]

Bison vs. Buffalo: The Beef

Images: Wikipedia   Bison vs. buffalo. Are there differences? You bet! What are they? Glad you asked! Well, for starters, Brewster Higley got things wrong when he wrote “Home on the Range,” since buffalo do not in fact naturally roam in the West—or the North American continent, or the Western Hemisphere, for that matter. You’ll […]

Fall Colors & Winter Powder!

    So, we get a lot of questions about when Autumn kicks into gear with its vibrant colorations here at the Hole, and also when the snow starts its annual powdery reign of white. Excellent questions asked in order to properly plan whatever itineraries you have in mind. A couple things to keep in […]

JacksonHoleLive! Has More Great Entertainment For You!

Images courtesy of JacksonHoleLive! JacksonHoleLive! is a family-friendly concert series that builds a pop-up community at Snow King Mountain’s base for each summer. It’s a fundraiser for Center Management, Inc., the nonprofit operator of Jackson’s Snow King Sports & Event Center. JHL has already offered up a super series of incredible concerts and entertainment so […]

The Great Yellowstone Arch!

Image: @yellowstonenps on IG The Roosevelt Arch is located on Route 89 in Gardiner, Montana, at the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Its cornerstone was laid in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt, hence its name. There is a quote along its upper portion, “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People”, the inscription being […]

Better than the Golden Arches!!!

  Jackson Hole is known for a great many terrific things. One of them resides in downtown Jackson proper, our beloved antler arches! There are four of them standing at the Town Square’s corners. Our Town Square’s official name is George Washington Memorial Park, by the way, so designated in 1932 to commemorate our great […]

Lizards and Trout and Bear, Oh My!

(Image: Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions) We’ve shared many, many wildlife pictures from a great many individuals and groups—especially our area’s safari guides, like Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures, Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions, The Hole Hiking Experience, Inc., Teton Wild Custom Wildlife Tours, GaperGuide Inc., and others. There’s an unending supply for you to indulge your nature loving. How many different kinds […]

Rare Opportunity Awaits With Goosewing Ranch!

  Goosewing Ranch has a terrific announcement to share! A few spots have recently become available!!! Head this way to start your booking: https://www.seejh.com/businesses/hospitality/goosewing-ranch ! Don’t miss out on this aMAZing vacation package opportunity on a premiere dude ranch in the heart of the Yellowstone ecosystem and near Jackson Hole! Dates now available again: July 21 […]

Purple Mountains Majesty!

  You’ve seen tons and tons of pictures of our beloved Teton Mountains; and if you’ve seen them in person, you’ve been awed and numbed by their beauty and power. What do you say we make formal introductions between them and you so you can know them better? Their neighborhood stretches approximately 40 miles (64 […]

If You Want It, The Hole’s Got It!

Image: Sam Morse   I think you know by now from all that we’ve shared and will continue to share with you that Jackson Hole and its surroundings are loaded with amazing merchants, great services, and extraordinary opportunities to both work with others and commune with the natural world! What do you want? To buy […]

The Lay of the Jackson Hole Land

Today, we’d like to provide some geographical specifics for our incredible guests to our beautiful area! While most people know our town as Jackson Hole, our town is officially named Jackson. The Hole is actually the valley in which we’re found. So what does the Hole encompass? To start, the Hole is 13 miles wide […]

Experience Jackson Hole with Amazing Free Smartphone Tours!

Free Jackson Hole Tours – on Your Smartphone!   Want to experience the real Jackson Hole?!   Toss out your old travel guides and download the free TravelStorys app!  It’s easy to use, full of fascinating info, stories and images, and infinitely entertaining.  Ten of the app’s 120-plus audio tours are based right here in Jackson Hole.  As you walk or drive through […]

Huge Goosewing Ranch Special!!!

  Folks, we keep telling you about Goosewing Ranch… -> https://www.seejh.com/businesses/hospitality/goosewing-ranch <- …and they just keep giving you ever more reasons why they’re one of  the best in the #duderanch business! ???????????? Check. This. Out!!! ???????????????????? ****Early Bird Special June 2 – 9!!!**** Be one of the exclusive few to experience the Gros Ventre Valley in early June. Visit GR for an […]

The Whole Hole

The question often gets asked about Jackson Hole, “Where’s the hole?” Well, the hole is the whole valley, all 60 miles of it.  There’s the town of Jackson and then there’s the Hole, or the valley where Jackson is located. Our area is called Jackson Hole and Jackson is the largest community in the valley. […]

SEEJH Salutes Our Veterans!

From all of us here at See Jackson Hole, we want to take a moment to send our thoughts to our veterans: You’re our family, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, and our defenders. Without you, we wouldn’t have the unrivaled freedoms, liberty, and prosperity, that we hold so dear in this country.  You have […]

Must-See Destination #9: Golden Gate Canyon

Located in the northwest section of Yellowstone, right here in Wyoming, you’ll find an area through which Glen Creek flows north on its path to Gardner River. It’s Golden Gate Canyon. In the canyon, the creek descends from 7,400 feet to 6,000 feet. Grand Loop Road traverses the canyon, connecting Mammoth Hot Springs to points […]

The SeeJH Weekly Bucket-List Recap! Week #18…

***Our most gigantic recap yet!!! *** ***50+ merchants/organizations and over two dozen webcams showcased for you!!!*** What better place to find out where to go, who to see, and what to do, when you’re visiting the Jackson Hole area than by checking in with us at See Jackson Hole? There is no better place! There’s […]

The SeeJH Weekly Bucket-List Recap! Week #16…

The SeeJH Weekly Bucket-List Recap!!! Week #16… What better place to find out where to go, who to see, and what to do, when you’re visiting the Jackson Hole area than by checking in with us at See Jackson Hole? There is no better place! There’s so much to share with you, we can’t help but […]

Must-See Destination #5: Mount Moran

We’re going to stay in the Jackson Lake area for a while yet. One feature that dominates the lake’s landscape and gets discussed regularly by visitors is Mount Moran. Rising to a height of 12,600 feet(!!!), it stands 6,000 feet above Jackson Lake. While a centerpiece, we’ll tell you upfront that it’s a difficult climb—rated […]

Must-See Destination #3: Jackson Lake

Just north of Leigh Lake is Jackson Lake, the largest lake in the Tetons, and one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the country at 6,700 feet up! In fact, it’s so big that we’ll be posting some off-shoot must-see’s from it. (There’s so much to do there!) Jackson Lake is 15 miles long, 7 […]

Must-See Destination #2: Leigh Lake

Just north of Jenny Lake is Leigh Lake. Less well-known, but just as beautiful and striking. The glacially-formed lake, also with environmentally cool, pristine waters, is two-and-a-half miles wide by nearly three miles long. It sits just southeast of Mt. Moran and where the Leigh and Paintbrush canyons meet. You can get to the lake […]

Must-See Destination #1: Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake’s 20 miles north of Jackson, past Moose, and just south of Jackson Lake. Carved by the same glaciers that created Cascade Canyon, it’s roughly 420 feet deep and spreads across 1,200 acres. It was named after a Shoshone Indian woman who married Englishman Richard “Beaver Dick” Leigh. She and their 6 children met […]

You want to be here. We want you here. 

You want to be here. We want you here. To experience the breathtaking mountains and wide fields. To watch elk and moose grazing. To smell the crisp pine-scented air. To swim in clear, cool, pure, glacial lake water. To hear the music of the streams. To taste the freshest produce and the juiciest steaks. To […]

Skiing At the Top With the Tops

  The Jackson Hole area has gotten 270 inches of snow this season so far. And there’s plenty more to come! What do we have on offer way up here over 6,000 feet up? Tens of thousands of enthusiasts come skiing and enjoy our slopes every year, including Olympic athletes who keep coming back for […]

Living for the Weekend

Here in Jackson Hole, we thrive all year ‘round, and Winter only solidifies our enthusiasm. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at just some of the events and activities that’ll be going on this weekend. There’s plenty for all, you won’t be disappointed. Then again, the Hole doesn’t disappoint.

It’s Hip To Be Square

The heart of Jackson Hole is our Town Square, the official name of which is George Washington Memorial Park. While there’s plenty of events to be had, a number of iconic and thriving businesses can be found always lining our antler-arched square. Many times we watch visitors to town step out of their cars or […]

Winter Time in Real-Time

Jackson Hole’s been enjoying our Winter Wonderland. If you’re not here right now, you’re really missing out, folks. But that kind of goes without saying, doesn’t it? We’ve had 186 inches of snowfall this season so far, by the way, which is equivalent to Park City, Utah’s, and Vail and Steamboat, Colorado’s, combined! You want […]

Season’s Greetings!

The Holiday Season is many people’s favorite time of the year. It’s a time for reflection, spending time with loved ones, giving, and planning for what’s ahead. SeeJacksonHole has exceeded expectations and, in large measure, it’s because of those who enjoy what we do and provide, like you, reader! Our thoughts turn gratefully to you […]

Dish It Out!

 When it comes to the holidays, one way to celebrate is to head out on the town and break bread over some fantastic cuisine. Most places still have some open slots for reservations, so jump while the iron’s hot. In any case, the Jackson Hole area can go on and on boasting about what we […]

Let The Festivities Continue!

Who needs the big city when you have so many fun-filled, exciting things to do right here in world-renowned Jackson Hole? We make those places green with envy during this white Christmas…as it should be. This festive weekend is jam-packed with events aplenty to enjoy!

See Jackson Hole In Real-Time

There’s great information websites out there that can answer some of your questions about what to do in Jackson Hole, from the Chamber of Commerce to business’ own pages, like here, here, and here. So what makes SeeJH.com stand out? Well, we don’t want to give our trade secrets away, and you’ll figure them out […]

Weekend Holiday Cheer & Fun

A bustling community is a strong community. Jackson Hole may not be near any metro areas, but we like to show how active we are! Take this weekend for example, there’s more than enough to keep you busy, entertained, and connected…